Obama’s friend was arrested in Hawaii prostitution sting

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Obama's friend was arrested in Hawaii prostitution sting

Obama’s friend was arrested in Hawaii prostitution sting

U.S. President Barack Obama’s  close friend, Robert Titkomb was arrested in Hawaii, on suspicion of using the services of prostitutes. Robert Titkomb was among four men arrested on Monday in Honolulu during a police operation, according to state law enforcement agencies. He was later released on bail of 500 dollars, reports Associated Press.

Journalists have discovered that for Robert Titcomb this is not the first arrest. In 1987 he was arrested for drunk driving. Then he driver’s license was suspended for 3 months and paid fine of $ 150.

Robert Titkomb, who is now 49 years old, in 1979 graduated from the same school with Obama. As president,Obama has not forgotten his friend, and maintains contact with him until now.Every time the head of state arrives in Hawaii, he visits an old friend: they play golf, basketball, and relax on the beach and have lunch together. The last time Obama saw Titkomom the Christmas holidays in December 2010.

The White House had no immediate comment about the arrest information.  According to police, Titkomb was arrested at 21:40 on Monday in the city center. Two hours later, he made bail and was released.

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