Birth Spacing :Children Born with a two years difference were smarter

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Birth Spacing :Children Born with a two years difference were smarter

Birth Spacing :Children Born with a two years difference were smarter

The difference not less than two years between siblings was ideal for the intellectual development of older children. According to the New Zealand Herald, this conclusion was made based on a research led by Professor Kasey Buckles from University of Notre Dame in Indiana.

Buckles Group examined more than three thousand women who have had at least two children. The researchers evaluated the results of tests based on counting and reading by children aged five to seven.

Researchers found that older siblings, who have a brother or sister at least two years younger, are much smarter than those whose siblings are less than two years younger. At the same time, academic success of the younger siblings was not affected regardless of age difference.

The researchers hypothesized that this effect is related to the duration of the period when the oldest child is the only kid in the family, and parents can give him or her their full attention. According to Professor Buckles, the longer this period, the more intense is the child’s development.

In January 2011,  Keely Cheslack-Postava from Columbia University in New York City and her colleagues found that the risk of autism is three times lower in siblings with the three-year age difference.

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