Mascot of the Euro-2012, presented In Warsaw

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Euro 2000 mascot.
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Mascot of the Euro-2012, presented In Warsaw

In Warsaw, the Polish National Theatre on November 16 the presentation of the official mascots of Euro 2012, which will take In Ukraine and Poland.

Mascot of football championship were twins, dressed in national colors of countries. Accordingly, the man from Ukraine, dressed in a yellow-blue uniform, and Poland – in white and red.
The mascot presentation ceremony was attended by UEFA CEO  David Taylor and tournament director Martin Kallen. The characters were developed with the participation of Warner Bros, which created the mascots for the last two championships.

Names for mascots will choose the people of both countries. To do this will be a special vote. Currently identified three variants of names, one of which you can cast your vote – Slavek and Slavko, Semko and Strimko, Klemek and Ladko.

According to the newspapers in Ukraine at the same time there is a competition for the unofficial “national” mascot. Until the end of the year Ukrainians will choose the “little animals, which is in the Ukrainian fauna. This was the main requirement for an informal mascot. With such an initiative was made by Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov who is responsible for preparing the country for the European Championships. The contest started on November 5.

Nov. 4 in Kiev was a presentation of the logo of Ukraine, which was created specifically for the championship of Euro 2012. The sunflower became, a symbol of warmth and hospitality of the host country.
Matches of European Football Championship 2012 will take place in four Ukrainian cities (Kiev, Lvov, Donetsk and Kharkov) and four Polish (Warsaw, Poznan, Wroclaw and Gdansk). Finals will be held in Kiev.

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