Toyota Prius Compact SUV receives a new interior

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3rd generation Toyota Prius G (2009/5 - )

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Toyota Prius Compact SUV receives a new interior

Tuesday, 16 November, Toyota issued a second formal image of the new compact SUV constructed on the basis of Prius.

In the photo, published on Facebook, represented by the center console car that is completely different from a similar element in the normal “Prius.” The form of the console has been moved above the gears and engine start button, new blocks are installed audio system and climate control systems, as well as other ducts of the ventilation system.

As previously reported, the new Compact MPV will be built on a stretched 300 mm platform hatchback Toyota Prius, and get three rows of seats in the cabin, where they can accommodate seven passengers. Will also receive 136-strong hybrid, combining a 1.8-liter gasoline engine and electric motor, but unlike the standard “Prius” in it, according to some sources, will use lithium-ion batteries instead of NiMH. In addition, it is possible that compacte SUV because of their greater mass will be slightly slower, and hog, hatchback Prius.

The first photo-teaser of a new modification of “Prius” was shown in early October at an event dedicated decades since the first appearance of the hybrid Toyota Prius in the U.S.. Premiere kompaktven held under the Motor Show in Detroit in January next year.

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