Beyonce’s Fragrance Commercial for HEAT Banned (VIDEO)

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Beyonce‘s Fragrance Commercial for HEAT Banned (VIDEO)

British Committee for the Advertising Standards (ASA) has banned Beyonce’s TV commercial for perfume Heat. The commercial must not be broadcast its current form before 7.30 pm.This was reported on the official website of the organization.
In the video, which aired during the day, received 14 complaints. The greatest number of critical comments came from parents who fear that their children can see “almost naked singer, lying in the bath. Displeasure of parents  caused Beyonce’s open silk dress in which she starred for advertising.
Also Beyoncé lying naked in the middle of a room. In the next scene she was shown wearing a revealing red satin dress and walking towards the camera, touching her neck and moving her hand across her chest.
The Committee agreed that the advertising is really honest and should not be broadcast during the day. At the same time the ASA pointed out that, despite this, there is no explicit sexual content and the singer does not appear in the scene completely naked. Experts believe that such advertising can not insult anyone.

HEAT Beyonce’s First Fragrance – FULL COMMERCIAL

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