WikiLeaks unveiled antihuman crimes by U.S. military in Iraq

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Scandalous website WikiLeaks published dossiers of secret reports of the U.S. military in Iraq: it turned out that U.S. did not spare neither the innocent nor guilty.

On Saturday night web site posted about 392 thousand documents of lawlessness and terror in Iraq, made by the U.S. military and NATO allies and the Iraqi helpers. This is the third slap in the face, which WikiLeaks sends to Washington. Recall that this summer the site has already published two similar portions of scandalous documents on Afghanistan, which caused an international scandal. The White House and Pentagon leadership tried to prevent the leakage of sensitive materials (emphasizing that it will provide additional trumps the “enemies of America”), but director of WikiLeaks Julian Assange continued and As it turned out he was forced to move to Sweden because of the constant threats.
In Washington, officials believe that all information to WikiLeaks handed by 22-year-old Private First Class U.S. Army Bradley Manning. This former military analyst in Iraq, who had access to all confidential bulletins to conduct “clearing operations”, is now arrested and is under investigation.

As it turned out, with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki acted in “death squads, torture and destroy political opponents. The Americans knew about it, but preferred to close the “sins” Allied eye, putting a mark next report: “The investigation does not need.”

The U.S. military claimed that no official statistics of deaths in Iraq do not lead. But after journalists reminded them about the law on freedom of information, the figures were presented – according to the Pentagon, in 2004-2009, were killed 77,000 Iraqis. In WikiLeaks other statistics: according to released their materials for this time in Iraq killed 109,000 people, more than half of them (66 thousand) – Civilians still 24,000 listed as “enemies” of more than 15 thousand dead – Iraqi officials security forces and 3,8 thousand military personnel from the international coalition forces.

Documents shed light on the many war crimes of U.S. troops, such as the intentional killing of people intending to surrender “- said in comments on the site.


In Iraq dossier became a major sensation reports of torture and executions of prisoners and ordinary civilians. In prisons, inmates were not only raped, but doused with acid, tortured by electroshock and even drilled. Thus, in one of the reports about the reported helicopter Apache, which destroyed two Iraqis who were ready to surrender. “They can not surrender to the helicopter, they are still targets” – said the pilots from the base, and they opened fire. Or here’s another report: marching past an American checkpoint 13-year-old girl gets shot in the head. And not had time to slow down here a vehicle in which there are young children, shot at close range. And there are thousands of examples.

“This is savagery; the Iraqis did not believe the people!” – Say now, lawyers in many countries. “This is really a most extraordinary chronicle of a war that has ever been published. These materials needs to make public as soon as possible. There was one week before congressional elections. In terms of media planning, it would be wise to publish these materials right now, when they debate in the United States would cause public outcry. ”

But Washington reacted harshly to the Internet exposure. “We strongly condemn the unauthorized publicity of sensitive information. This will give the enemies of the West’s access to an extremely rich database for understanding the scheme of our operations that may endanger the lives of American soldiers in Iraq “- said Pentagon press secretary Geoff Morrell

In connection with new revelations concerning the war in Iraq, appeared on the famous portal WikiLeaks, its founder, Julian Assange collected at the end of last week’s press conference at a London hotel. The answers to many questions, he interrupted a meeting after Atika Shubert CNN reporter asked him, “Stockholm affair” – the charge of rape of two Swedish women.

Julian came to Sweden in August 2010, intending to stay for long. To this end, he had good reason: he was persecuted for publishing classified material. “Defamation and attempts to close the servers supporting us – that’s a weapon that is used against us” – said Assange. Swedish press law, which allows not to disclose the sources of publications, could be a great support in its activities. Turning to the immigration office, Assange asked for a residence permit in the kingdom. “Troublemaker” was warm, and the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet even managed to pass him a job as a columnist.

“The U.S. military has put forward two demands – he said the editor Aftonbladet. – Destroy all the stuff that we have published, and to eliminate such material that has not yet been made public. If we do not obey, we are forced to do it. ” Very soon, however, Julian realized that in Sweden, it remains dangerous: August 20, was brought against him “a rape”. Two girls said they Assange allegedly forced them into sex. Suspicion was soon withdrawn, but later was opened again. Assange categorically denies all accusations, many European newspapers called the process a circus. Whatever it was, the creator of WikiLeaks in October received, the refusal to grant him political asylum and the right to work in Sweden.

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