Head of Hugo Chavez is estimated at $ 100 million

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Hugo Chávez

Hugo Chávez

The head of Hugo Chavez is estimated at $ 100 million

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said the opposition forces have collected $ 100 million and want to give this huge sum to someone who would kill him.

These words of the Latin American leader said during a visit to the “socialist Fair Christmas goods in Caracas, adding that this information is” very significant “.

One of the conspirators who are ready to shell out for the sake of his death, Chavez said the head of the country’s largest opposition TV station Globovision Guillermo Zuloaga, who is wanted by Venezuelan law enforcement authorities on charges of speculation and obtaining illegal profits. In this regard, Chavez called vice-president Elias Jaua, Attorney General and the Supreme Court to “do something”. “Either he goes back to protect their property and to take responsibility for their actions, or time to do something with his TV channel and property he owns,” – says Chavez.

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