Audi TT-S Coupe climbed Pikes Peak without driver

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Randy Schranz Peaks Peak 2007

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Audi TT-S Coupe climbed Pikes Peak without driver

Audi TT-S Coupe, developed by experts at Stanford University with the participation of Concern Volkswagen, independently, without driver, broke the 12.42-mile mountain route of Pikes Peak in 27 minutes.

For comparison, an experienced driver will drive the same route for about 17 minutes, and record in the competition at the time held at this track was little over 10 minutes.

Autonomous vehicle for the movement uses the high accuracy positioning system based on GPS, as well as a pair of cameras providing a 360 degrees, and a system of gyroscopes that helps control the dynamics of acceleration, braking and handling in turns. All this information is processed by a computer unit, placed in the boot of Audi TT-S, software which was created by Oracle.

At the core of an autonomous compartment is fully production model Audi TT-S with 265-horsepower turbo engine and all-wheel drive transmission. On the straight robotic vehicle capable to accelerate to 200 kilometers per hour.

In summer, the robotic Audi TTS made six runs on the Pikes Peak. The project was marred by a Sept. 17 Audi helicopter crash that injured four people on board who were trailing and filming the TTS as it neared the top of the 14,100-foot mountain. The runs were made official just this week by the organizers of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. They certified the time to complete the run, the speed on various segments (including an average of 45 mph on the only unpaved part of the course), and also that no drivers were on board. In addition to the record-setting run, the Audi TTS made it to the top on its five other runs, “only pausing briefly on its own to confirm its reading of route data,” not a bad thing since there are places where there’s no guardrails protecting against the drop-offs on Pikes Peak.

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  1. A perfect race car, but how does that non-driver car work. What is the concept behind it.

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