6-ton night pearl worth 2.2 billion yuan In China

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6-ton night pearl worth 2.2 billion yuan In China

In the city of Wenchang in Hainan Province China opened the exhibition, where was shown a 6-ton night pearl, made from a single piece of fluorite – a mineral that glows in the dark when heated.

Mineral in the form of a sphere was found several years ago in Inner Mongolia in northern China. In fact, to give it a proper circular in shape and turn it into a stone “pearl” in diameter 1.6 meters, the experts took about three years. Once the work was completed, the product was decided to put valuables in the palace.

It is believed that exhibited the pattern is unique and the largest among similar products. The cost of fluorite “pearl” is estimated at 2.2 billion yuan (331 million dollars). In addition 6-ton night pearl in the palace of jewels exhibited two hundred samples of various rare stones and minerals.

Fluor can be painted not only in the green, but many other colors – purple, yellow, blue, pink, and others. Fluorite is used in metallurgy, optics, and the production of souvenir items, cookware.

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