Britain complained to FIFA on Russia’s bid committee

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On Tuesday, the Bid Committee for England’s World Cup 2018 FIFA filed a complaint with the statements of the general director of Russia’s bid committee Alexei Sorokin.

Dissatisfaction with the British due to Sorokin’s interview, which was published by the newspaper Sport-Express “on October 18. Responding to a question about why the Russian Bid Committee practically does not respond to attacks, “the British media, he said:” We are doing so entirely consciously. Not a scandal, do not enter into squabbles, although we have much to say. It is no secret for example, that in London the highest crime rate when compared with other European cities, and the highest level of alcohol consumption among young people. But why poke his nose into what and so everybody knows? ”

According to the bid committee in England, according to FIFA rules such remarks against rivals in the struggle for the right to host the World Cup are not allowed, so Sorokin should apologize.

Meanwhile, head of Russia’s bid committee is ready to apologize for the misunderstanding that arose after the interview, but not for his words. “We have taped interviews, and I know that did not break any rules. I’ll give an explanation of FIFA, but I do not think that what I said for the need to apologize” – quoted Sorokin BBC News.

As explained by Sorokin, his words distorted thrice. “First, people from the” Sport-Express “inaccurate intrpretirovali some of my comments are not quite what I was trying to express. Then most of the meaning got lost in translation from English into Russian and then cooked the rest the rest of British journalists,” – told a sports official.

ITAR-TASS news agency appealed to FIFA for an official confirmation of the complaint, but there is still no reply.

Recall bid to host the World Cup in 2018 filed Russia, Britain and Spain together with Portugal and Belgium, together with the Netherlands. Election of the country, which will take the world championship will be held on December 2.

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