800 Santa Clauses gathered In Massachusetts

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800 Santa Clauses gathered In Massachusetts

Several hundreds of Santa Claus gathered together in downtown Brockton, Massachusetts on November 21, to set an unofficial world record. Reported by the Boston Herald.

The event is timed to the City of memorable date – 120 years ago, local resident James Edgar decided to create a favorable image of his shop and came up with the legend that the Santa Claus, though, and lives at the North Pole, but from time to time visits the shop Edgar. Since then, there was a popular American tradition of the Christmas meetings of Santa Claus with the children right in the shopping malls.

It is reported that in the center of Brockton has gathered about 814 people in red hats. The precise number to establish a special commission which will announce the results of calculation will announce later, took a record.

Brockton was already the holder of the honorary title of the place where time has gathered 507 Santa Claus, in 2008. However, the city gave way to the title in 2009, the Irish town of Mullingar (Mullingar), where a similar event was attended by 700 people.

The official world record for the place where both meet Santa Claus belongs to the British city of Newtown – more than four thousand people. There every December hold mass sprint to the participants of the New Year

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