Michael Brea killed his mother with samurai sword

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Michael Brea killed his mother with samurai sword

New York detained the actor Michael Brea (Michael L. Brea), best known for filming the series “Ugly Betty.” As reported TMZ.com, he was suspected of murdering his mother: according to police, 31-year-old actor cut off the woman’s head with the samurai sword.

The crime was committed on the night of Tuesday, Nov. 23. Neighbors call the police and told the guards arrived about that from the apartment in which there was Michael Brea with his mother, heard the screams of women, as well as a voice actor, read passages from the Bible.

The police confirmed that they found at the murder scene Brea with a Bible in his hands. If detention of the suspect they had to use the Taser. Brea was taken to a nearby hospital for psychiatric examination.

On Fox News Channel web site states that 55-year-old Brea Yannick (Yannick Brea) was murdered in his apartment in Brooklyn.

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