911 Next Generation – text messages and video calls

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911 Next Generation – text messages and video calls

U.S. authorities announced a reform of the 911: the system will not only take phone calls but also text messages, photos and videos from mobile phones. Informs CNN referring to the statement, which is Tuesday, November 23, made the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Julius Genachowski.

According to him, 70 per cent of calls received in 911 dialed from cell phones, and in addition, there are cases when a person in trouble is safer to write text message, than to speak to an operator. It is expected that the innovation will start working in December 2010.

Speaking about the benefits of system upgrade Genachowski recalled occurred in April 2007 shooting at Virginia Polytechnic Institute – then one of the students shot and killed 30 people. FCC Chairman said that many students were trying to secretly send text messages to 911, but they never reached.

The project Next Generation 911 also involves creating a system of automatic transfer of information from medical devices, automotive electronics, CCTV cameras and other devices able to fix the violation of law or threat emerged.

911 operates in U.S. since 1968.

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