Pentagon refused to intervene in the conflict between the two Koreas

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South Korea vs. North Korea

South Korea vs. North Korea

The Pentagon refused to intervene in the conflict between the two Koreas

The Pentagon believes that there is no reason to discuss the possibility of military action against North Korea,According to Reuters, U.S. Department of Defense does not consider and be able to send its military, already stationed in South Korea.

Pentagon spokesman Dave Lapan said that the place of the conflict – the island Enphendo – was not sent more American troops, and refused to answer the question whether the U.S. military in South Korea in a state of high alert.

November 23 artillery shelled the South Korean island, Republic of Korea returned fire. Killed two South Korean marines, about 20 people (including several members of the civilian population) were affected. North Korean losses were not reported.

Pyongyang said the first fired South Korean military, and promised again to use force, if the ships of the neighboring state eill cross the sea border with North Korea. Nonetheless, Russia, U.S., EU and Britain have condemned North Korea’s actions.

It was reported that South Korean troops were brought to a higher alert, and President Lee Myung-Bak ordered to strike at the DPRK missile base, if Pyongyang allows himself further provocation.

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