Tariq Aziz was sentenced to death

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Iraqi Deputy

Prime Minister Tariq Aziz

U.S. gave Tariq Aziz, the Iraqi authorities

The Supreme Court sentenced former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz of Iraq to the death penalty. On this October 26 reported Agence France-Presse citing Iraqi television.

The former minister was found guilty of involvement in the destruction of the political opposition and, in particular – the religious parties. Death sentences have also carried two other close associates of Saddam Hussein: Interior Minister Saadoun Shaker, and the executed dictator’s personal secretary Abid Hamoodi.

In order for the death penalty to come into force, it must be approved by a Presidential Council of Iraq. Earlier, Aziz, who also served as foreign minister during the Gulf War, was sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for complicity in the crimes of Hussein’s regime.

Tariq Aziz held the post of deputy prime minister in the Iraqi government since 1979. As the Prime Minister and President of Iraq was Saddam Hussein, Aziz is the de facto head of government. He is considered the closest ally and adviser to Saddam Hussein.

In April 2003, after the outbreak of hostilities in Iraq, Aziz surrendered to American forces. Until 2010 he was detained in an American prison, then was transferred to Iraqi authorities. Relatives of Tariq Aziz, has repeatedly insisted on his release on health grounds – in January 2010 the former Minister had a stroke.

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  1. The ministry of death is an antecedent condition of the spirit of man that runs through the Old Testament narrative like poison – which has corrupted modern day organised religions of Islam and Christianity. Both of which have become, in a large part, an insult to Christ.

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