U.S. decided to abandon the color levels of terrorist alerts

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Homeland Security Advisory System scale.

Advisory System scale

U.S. decided to abandon the color levels of terrorist alerts

The Department of Homeland Security proposed to replace the existing system of color levels of terrorist threats on a more readable format.

The current graduation levels of threats has five levels and divides them by color: green – low risk, blue – intermediate level, Yellow – significant risk, orange – high risk of terrorist attack, red – the highest level of threat.

According to the Department of National Security, the cessation of the use of the existing system will not mean a complete rejection of the idea of warning. The changes are intended to make the warning more clear with an emphasis on description rather than brilliance.

It is reported that, despite the still existing color alert for the past two years, the Obama administration managed to change the legislative framework and to introduce new principles of security, which helped avert a terrorist attack on an airplane bound for Detroit in December 2009, notes The Washington Post.

How it will look like the new system and what terms will it be used, the Department has not yet disclose. However, the press reports that one of its variants requires two levels of danger: “elevated” and “threatening.” It is assumed that the announcement of the move to the second level of the government thoroughly explain to citizens what the reason for this and where to wait for a possible terrorist attack. At the same time continue such a regime can not over a week.

For all eight years of existence the old scale of the threat level has never fallen below yellow. Now the situation in the U.S. is the same as in 2006: yellow for the country as a whole and orange – for aviation.

In September 2009 the special commission has already proposed to President Barack Obama to do simplistic color gradations.

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