Canadan Prime Minister’s Advisor proposed to kill the founder of WikiLeaks (VIDEO)

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President Obama with Prime Minister Stephen Ha...

President Obama with Stephen Harper

Canadan Prime Minister’s Advisor proposed to kill the founder of WikiLeaks (VIDEO)
Professor Tom Flanagan (Tom Flanagan), adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Stephen Harper), has called for the physical liquidation of the founder of WikiLeaks Julian Assange during an interview on Channel CBC News Network on 30 November.

In particular, Flanagan said that U.S. President Barack Obama ought to appoint a reward for his head or use aircraft for his elimination.

Evan Solomon, host of the program (Evan Solomon) has enabled the professor to bring it to a joke, but he repeated that he “will not regret if Assange suddenly disappeared.”

November 29 this year, another well-known American politician – Sarah Palin – blasted on his Facebook page the Obama administration for failing to keep secrets of military and encouraged to pursue Assange, using the same methods as used for the leader of al- Qaeda.

On Sunday, November 28, WikiLeaks site began publishing more than 250,000 letters to U.S. diplomats, which contained the characteristics of many world leaders.

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